Lose yourself in the wildlife of Orissa. Get a chance to glimpse the white tigers moving with abandon in Nandankanan, while the elephants stopping your way in Simlipal!
Gear up for unlimited Adventure at the Satkosia gorge. Experience the unique cocktail of wildlife trekking, adventure trip and serene environment.
Meticulously chiseled stones of the edifice defies logic and stupefies the senses!
Take on to adventure boating or simply submerge yourself in resonating sounds of clashing waterfalls in Machhkund
Experience the serenity spread all around in the soft lambent rays of sun dancing over the sea in Goplapur.
On to Mother Nature’s lap with amazing view of waterfalls that remind of Niagra falls!
Watch the waves recede 5 kilometer back every day here in the silvery beaches of Chandipur.
Spiritual abode of India, the temple of Lord Jagannath bestows bliss on the pilgrim who arrive here in search of enlighten.
Take a tour to the tribal dominion of Orissa and discover a world hidden beyond the realms of the modern man!
The Largest brackish Salt water lagoon of Asia mesmerizes with panoramic view and migratory birds swarming on unending expanse of water.
Simlipal How To Reach Where To Stay Places of Interest Gallery

Where to Stay in Simlipal

One can stay at forest guest houses in the Simlipal Hills. For the following accommodations Tourists need to contact with The Field Director, Simlipal Tiger Reserve,Baripada, Ph - 06792-252593.

Hotels Name and Address


Hotels Name and Address

Aranya Nivas, Lulung(OTDC)


Dormitory, Chahala

E.Villa, Chahala


Dormitory ,Nawana

Forest Rest House, Nawana


Forest Rest House, Joranda

Pine Villa,Nawana


Forest Rest House, Jamuani

Fall View, Barehipani


Forest Rest House, Barehipani (Muktapur)

Tribal Hut,Jamuani


Tourist Cottage, Gudgudia

Forest Rest House, Gudgudia


Dormitory-1, Jashipur

Forest Rest House, Badampahar


Tribal Hut, Jashipur

Dormitory-II, Jashipur



Accommodations are also available at other places in and around Mayurbhamj.Mentioned below is a list of few hotels.

Hotel's Name & Address



Hotel's Name & Address


Hotel Durga, Sankhaphata, Baripada

06792 - 253438


Hotel Ambika, Near Roxy Cinema, Baripada

06792 - 252557/253287/ 257057

Hotel Shibapriya, Traffic square, Baripada

06792 - 255138/259103


Hotel Bishram, Kacheri Road , Baripada

06792 - 253535

Hotel Siddhartha, Puruna Hat Sahi, Baripada

06792 - 252818


Shanti Lodge, Gandhi Market, Baripada

06792 - 255494

Apsara Lodge, Chapal Pokhari, Baripada

06792 - 252239


Krishna Lodge, Gandhi Market, Baripada

06792 - 252168/257646

Hotel Meghasani, Palabani, Baripada

06792 - 252893


Ganesh Bhawan, Ganesh Market, Baripada

06792 - 252784

Hotel Mahapatra, Near Private Bus stand, Baripada

06792 - 255226 / 309288


Sai Binayak, Baruni Road , K.C.Circle, Baripada

06792 - 257822/255750

Kalika Lodge, Puruna Hata Sahi, Baripada

06792 - 252561


Binod Bhawan, Puruna Hata Sahi, Baripada


Hotel Swagat, Gandhi Market, Baripada

06792 - 253309/252172


Baripada Guest House, Gandhi Market

06792 - 259437

Maharani Dharmasala, Baripada.



Muralidhar Khandelwal Dharmasala, Baripada.


Panthanivas, (Aranyanivas) OTDC, Kochilaghai,Shyamakhunta, Lulung. Dist.- Mayurbhanj.



Panthasala, Bangiriposi

06791 - 223292

Hotel Bangiriposi, Near Check Gate, Bangiriposi



Simlipal Resort, Bangiriposi


Shaw Lodge, Rairangpur

06794 - 222970


Hotel Nishamani, Rairangpur

06794 - 222209

Hotel Shiva Durga, Main Market, Rairangpur

06794 - 222733


Hotel Taraknath, Rairangpur


Shanti Lodge, Rairangpur.



Bhatia Lodge, Dhabadiha, Jashipur


Youth Hostel, Jashipur.

06797 - 232633


Hotel Sanguine, Bus stand, Jashipur.


Hotel Sairam (Holiday Home) Main Road , Raruan Chhak, Jashipur

06797 - 232827


Prasanti Guest House, Karanjia

06796 - 220444

Hotel Madhu Magna, College Road , Udala

06795 - 252616


Hotel Saramani, Cinema Road , Udala

06795 - 232338

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