Lose yourself in the wildlife of Orissa. Get a chance to glimpse the white tigers moving with abandon in Nandankanan, while the elephants stopping your way in Simlipal!
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Simlipal Tiger Reserve

Tiger at Simlipal Wildlife SnactuaryA canopy of thick green deciduous forests, unending expanse of extensive grassy lands and meadows, cloud pecking peaks, resonating and precipitous waterfalls, meandering rivers, roaring tigers and trumpeting tuskers, fleeting herds of deer and flying squirrels, make Simlipal wildlife sanctuary a fairytale destination for nature lovers.

Spread over an area of 2750 sq.km and situated at an altitude of 559.31 meters in the district of Mayurbhanj, the Simlipal Tiger Sanctuary is also a major national park of Orissa and hosts three of India’s biggest species - The Tiger, Asian Elephant and Gaur. The sanctuary named after the Semul (red silk cotton) trees that adorn its landscape, is rinsed by 12 rivers and many waterfalls. Barehipani waterfall that tumbles down from 400 meters height and the cascading Joranda waterfall that falls from 150 meters are some of these waterfalls that lend a picturesque view to the sanctuary.

Simlipal:Rivers flowing in the forest A forested, hilly terrain 200 km south-west of Kolkata, the Simlipal reserve is flanked by handsome peaks of Khairiburu (1178 meters), Meghasani (1158 meters) that are covered with thick forests of Sal. The richly hued orchids on the green foliage are soothing to the eyes. In the midst of the dense forests, the summer stands humbled and the sun gets lost. Several Rivers like Budhabalanga, Khairi, Salandi; Palpala, etc. originate from the hills and meander through the forests running like veins in the body. Many of the rivers have formed cascading rapids and foaming falls before leaving for the plains. The before mentioned waterfalls of Barehipani (400 meters) and Joranda (150 meters) are simply stupefying.

The dense forest and riverside system serve as an excellent home to some of the most beautiful creatures of the World. To stay with them, even for a while in, is an astounding experience. Herds of elephants majestically walking across the roads is a regular sight. Predators like tigers and leopards are not a common sight though they can be sighted if one is extremely lucky. Herds of deers grazing the grassland without any apprehension are also a common Other animals that adorn the bosom of the forest are gaur, bison, langurs and crocodiles. With such diverse and amazing variety of wildlife, Simlipal holds a special place in the menu of tourists on Orissa Tourism.

Major Flora

Simlipal Forest is a breeding ground for diverse floraThis national park of Orissa has around 1076 species of plants of which 92 are orchids having similarities to the Northern and Southern Indian orchids. Seven percent of the Indian species of flowering plants and eight percent of orchids of India are found in Similipal. Northern Tropical Semi evergreen Forests extend over an area of about 80 km. Northern Tropical Moist Deciduous Forests extend over an area of about 1540 sq. km. It is found all over Similipal except the moist valleys on the Southern and Eastern aspects of the hills. Similipal is rich in Orchidaceous flora 92 species of orchids has been identified.

Major Fauna

There are 42 species of major mammals 242 species of birds and 30 species of reptiles recorded so far in the Reserve. Tiger, Panther, Elephant, Gaur, and four horned antelope etc. are found in different levels of abundance. Ratel, Pangolin, Giant squirrel, sambar and Cheetal are among the other few worth mentioning. Out of the Indian checklist have 7% reptiles, 20% birds and 11% mammals.

Mentioned below is a list of animals found in Simlipal wildlife sanctuary with their numbers:







Spotted deer


Barking deer


Mouse deer






Wild boar



250 Troupes

Wild Boar


Rhesus macaque

75 Troupes

* The numbers are based on the animal census of the reserve for the year 1997.

Crocodiles being reared at JashipurThe crocodile rearing centre at Ramtirtha near Jashipur is an additional attraction. Simlipal also provides succor and shelter to thousands of tribal people living on the fringe. A glimpse of the tribal culture will therefore be a bonus at no extra cost.

An epitome of fascinating beauties, Simlipal beckons one to trip of lifetime .A rejuvenating trip to its wilderness are bound to remain fresh in every tourist’s memory for ever.


Entry permits are required to visit the park. One needs to apply in advance for permits. The permit can be obtained from Field Director, Simlipal Tiger Project.

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