Lose yourself in the wildlife of Orissa. Get a chance to glimpse the white tigers moving with abandon in Nandankanan, while the elephants stopping your way in Simlipal!
Gear up for unlimited Adventure at the Satkosia gorge. Experience the unique cocktail of wildlife trekking, adventure trip and serene environment.
Meticulously chiseled stones of the edifice defies logic and stupefies the senses!
Take on to adventure boating or simply submerge yourself in resonating sounds of clashing waterfalls in Machhkund
Experience the serenity spread all around in the soft lambent rays of sun dancing over the sea in Goplapur.
On to Mother Nature’s lap with amazing view of waterfalls that remind of Niagra falls!
Watch the waves recede 5 kilometer back every day here in the silvery beaches of Chandipur.
Spiritual abode of India, the temple of Lord Jagannath bestows bliss on the pilgrim who arrive here in search of enlighten.
Take a tour to the tribal dominion of Orissa and discover a world hidden beyond the realms of the modern man!
The Largest brackish Salt water lagoon of Asia mesmerizes with panoramic view and migratory birds swarming on unending expanse of water.
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Places of Interest in Nandankanan

* Distance from Bhubaneswar

Dhauli temple in BhubaneswarDhauli (8 km) - The historically significant Dhauli hills are famous for the Rock edits of Emperor Ashoka which can be found at its foothills. Dhauli has gained prominence due to the establishment of a Buddhist Peace Pagoda, popularly known as Shanti Stupa, built in the early seventies by the Japan Buddha Sangha and Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha. An old temple of Lord Dhavaleswar, reconstructed in 1972, also stands on the hilltop.

Khandagiri CavesKhandagiri and Udaygiri (8 km) - The twin hills of Kumargiri and Kumarigiri known as Khandagiri and Udaygiri contain varieties of rock-cut caves, built mainly for the Jain monks around 1st - 2nd century B.C. The thirteen years lithic record of Emperor Kharavela engraved in Hatigumpha (elephant cave) is a magnificent specimen of Pali records so far found in India.

Atri (42 km)* - Famous for the hot sulphur water spring, Atri, situated at 42 km. from Bhubaneswar, is also a holy place with the shrine of Hatakeswar. A bath in the spring water is believed to cure skin diseases apart from being a pleasant experience.

The 64 Yogini Temple at HirapurHirapur (15 km) - Hirapur has the 9th century Hypaethral temple of sixty four Yoginis. It is second of its kind in Orissa and one of four such unique temples in India.

White Tiger in Nandan Kanan ZooNandankanan (20 km)* - Picturesquely carved out of the Chandaka forest, Nandankanan is a Zoological Park where animals are kept in their natural habitat. A centrally located lake divides the Zoo from the Botanical Gardens. Tigers, Lions, Clouded Leopards, Black Panthers, European Brown Bear, Himalayan Black Bear, Gharials, Rosy Pelican, Grey Pelican, Indian Python, King Cobra, etc. are among the attractions of the zoo, which is famous for its White Tigers. The exotic Botanical Garden on the other side of the zoo preserves varieties of indigenous plants. Regular bus services are available to reach the sanctuary.

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