Lose yourself in the wildlife of Orissa. Get a chance to glimpse the white tigers moving with abandon in Nandankanan, while the elephants stopping your way in Simlipal!
Gear up for unlimited Adventure at the Satkosia gorge. Experience the unique cocktail of wildlife trekking, adventure trip and serene environment.
Meticulously chiseled stones of the edifice defies logic and stupefies the senses!
Take on to adventure boating or simply submerge yourself in resonating sounds of clashing waterfalls in Machhkund
Experience the serenity spread all around in the soft lambent rays of sun dancing over the sea in Goplapur.
On to Mother Nature’s lap with amazing view of waterfalls that remind of Niagra falls!
Watch the waves recede 5 kilometer back every day here in the silvery beaches of Chandipur.
Spiritual abode of India, the temple of Lord Jagannath bestows bliss on the pilgrim who arrive here in search of enlighten.
Take a tour to the tribal dominion of Orissa and discover a world hidden beyond the realms of the modern man!
The Largest brackish Salt water lagoon of Asia mesmerizes with panoramic view and migratory birds swarming on unending expanse of water.
Gopalpur How To Reach Where To Stay Places of Interest Gallery

Places of Interest in Gopalpur

People on orissa tourism can make a visit to Gopalpur along with a few aThere are quite a few places of interest around Gopalpur to which excursions can be made

Berhampur (16 km) - An important commercial town of Orissa, Berhampur is an ideal market for shopping. The markets are full of handicraft and handloom items that display Oriya ingenuity and include items such as silk saris, appliqué work, horn toys, metal crafts etc.

Taptapani,Hotspring in GopalpurTaptapani Hot Spring (65 km) - Set against the evergreen thick forests, Taptapani is known for its hot sulpher spring. The spring water is believed to retain certain medicinal properties and can cure some diseases. Set amidst thick foliage, this place retains its natural charm despite the crowd of people that throng this place. During rainy season, racks of care free clouds can be seen roaming around the foliage.

Mahuri Kalua (30 km) - En route to Taptapani, Mahuri Kalua is another scenic spot. A shrine that ensconces Goddess Kalua is situated within the deep greenery. The place is popular both among the pilgrims as well as nature lovers.

Patisonapur Beach (30 km) - 20 km away from Berhampur and 35 km from Gopalpur-on-sea, lying to the south of Gopalpur, on the border of Andhra Pradesh, Patisonapur is another beach that is known for its natural beauty. Quiet and secluded, this is a wide and clean beach across the river Bahuda. Away from hustle and bustle of city this beach is an ideal destination for tourist who wishes to relax and spend time in tranquility.

Gateway of the TaraTarini TempleTaratarini (30 km) - On the bank of the Rushikulya near the village Purushottampur, the shrine of the twin goddesses Tara and Tarini adorns the hilltop amidst natural beauty. There is a flight of about one thousand steps as well as a pucca motorable road from the foothill to the hilltop. The shrine is considered to be a Shakti Pitha of Tantra Cult. There is a Panthasala of Department of Tourism,Orissa  for overnight stay.

Jaugada (35 km) - Jauguda is a heritage destination and is known for The Rock Edict of Emperor Ashoka which bears semblance to the famous for the Ashokan Rock Inscription of Dhauli near Bhubaneswar. Situated just 5 km from taratarini, this place was once center of activity of a bustling civilization in and around river Rishikulya.A large ruined fort along with number of old bricks, tiles, potteries, beads, terracotta objects and punch marked coins of Mauryan Age are found in this place.

Kalijai Temple, an important piligrimage center in Chilika LakeChilika (Ramhha) (45 km) - Chilika Lake is famous for its scenic beauty and bird sanctuary. Covering an area of about, one thousand one hundred square kilometers, lakhs of resident and migratory birds of different hue make Chilika their home during winter. Boating in the lake is enjoyable in all seasons. There is also the Shakti Shrine of Kalijai for a pilgrimage. Rambha is on the southern end of the pear shaped lake amidst calm and serene environs. There is an OTDC Panthanivas for overnight stay.

Rambha (45 kms) - On the sprawling Chilika Lake, Rambha is famous for its scenic beauty. It is a pear shaped small lake amidst the larger Chilka lake and is known fir its calm and serene environs. Boating from here to the beautiful islands of honeymoon is a thrilling experience.

Aryapalli, the quite sea beachAryapalli(16 km) - 30 kms from Berhampur and 6 kms from Chatrapur, the beach at Aryapalli is quiet and charming where the waves speak volumes. Its bracing and invigorating climate adds freshness to the soul. A nature loving tourist can enjoy the Sun, Surf and Sand amongst the green Casuarina plantations, far from the madding crowds. Aryapalli lays before the tourists a port, a wide and soothing beach, a scene of fisherman village, a Rare Sand Mineral project in its vicinity and an unique atmosphere to the nature lovers.

Ghodahada(60 km) - The Ghodahada dam with its reservoir attracts a good number of picnickers round the year. 4 km away, the Shrine of Ujjaleswar is an added attraction for the tourists.

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